Setup backups on your blog


Install a backup plugin, take a backup, and set up a regular backup schedule for your blog.


If you were to lose every single article you ever published on your WordPress blog would it be a disaster? I am guessing the answer is likely to be a resounding ‘yes’!

There are several reasons why you must keep a WordPress backup:

  • There is a problem with your hosting account, and you need to rehost elsewhere
  • You make a mistake and delete posts you didn’t mean to
  • Your site gets hacked (find out more about security)
  • A WordPress core update, plugin or theme update causes a crash
  • You need to make changes to you and want to be able to restore

This service includes the following

  • Install a backup plugin (Updraft)
  • Take a backup
  • Setup up regular backups

Delivery & Policies

  • This is a personal service carried about Meghan Nicholas who is the owner of this website and is an experienced WordPress Developer
  • The delivery date for this service is subject to an available timeslot
  • I will contact you to advise a delivery date
  • The delivery date will be within 7 days but can be longer
  • If the advised delivery date is unacceptable to you, please let me know immediately, I will refund you the full-service fee.
  • If work has not begun I can fully-refund
  • I do not accept refunds after the work has begun.
  • Please arrange for your site to be backed up prior to work commencing or add the backup service to your cart


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