Speed Assessment and Diagnosis Report


Get a personalised speed assessment of your WordPress blog.


The speed of your WordPress blog matters immensely.

If your site doesn’t load fast, your readers will go away quickly, and your Google ranking will suffer.

Get ready to delight your readers and Google in one fell swoop with a super-fast blog.

I will look at your site and make recommendations as to what you can do to it up.

Sometimes your host is the problem, or you aren’t on the right plan.

Perhaps a caching plugin will help?

Perhaps you have a badly behaved plugin, or your images are too big?

I will go through your site will a fine-tooth comb and produce a personalised report containing the precise steps you need to take to speed up your blog.

Information I require for this service

  1. I require an administrator login to your WordPress website. Please email it to me as soon as we have arranged a delivery date for the service. I strongly advise that you delete the user or change the password after the service is complete.


Delivery & Policies

  • This is a personal service carried about Meghan Nicholas who is the owner of this website and is an experienced WordPress Developer
  • The delivery date for this service is subject to an available timeslot
  • I will contact you to advise a delivery date
  • The delivery date will be within 7 days but can be longer
  • If the advised delivery date is unacceptable to you, please let me know immediately, I will refund you the full-service fee.
  • If work has not begun I can fully-refund
  • I do not accept refunds after the work has begun.
  • Please arrange for your site to be backed up prior to work commencing or add the backup service to your cart


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