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Join me as I take you through starting your blog on WordPress

From setting up your new blog on your chosen host right through to launch. Yes, I’m with you all the way!

The problem with many blogging courses is that they often don’t go into enough technical detail.

As a new blogger, you have (at least) two mountains to climb; the mountain that is ‘how to blog‘, and the other, just as significant peak that is, ‘how to use WordPress‘.

I have been working and running highly successful blog sites for several years, and I know what makes successful sites tick. I know what technological know-how you need to get a blog moving and shaking.

I have nothing but good words for Meghan at WPKind. I originally contacted Meghan back in March 2020 and since then received the best and utmost professional emails and responses from her. – Esme (

What form does the blogging course take?

Daily email
This course is a 7-part email course. I send you one email per day for 7 days, packed with things to learn and a to-do list.
Zero overwhelm
There is no way around it. There is a lot to learn.
There is a lot to do when your first start a blog, but I will take you through what you should absolutely be doing now and what can wait for another day.


Meghan Nicholas

I believe that anyone, however technically-challenged, with a bit of time, patience and a bit of kind help from me :), should be able to create a successful blog with WordPress.
Just to prove that my strategy works. I recently took a brand new site from 0 to 36k page views in just ten months!
Here’s the Google Search Console screenshot to show the massive uptick in clicks since I started work.
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