About Me

Hello, my name is Meghan, and I want to teach you how to use WordPress.

I love WordPress. I live and breath it every day. I believe that anyone however technically challenged, with a bit of time, a bit of patience and a bit of kind help from me :), should be able to create a great site with it.

Let me explain where I came from …

I’ll come straight out and say I have an IT degree. I know what you are thinking …  you have an IT degree so of course, you think all this is easy.

Don’t let that scare you, because that IT degree was taken over 30 years ago when:

  • The internet was barely invented.
  • The first email may have been sent, but I had never heard of it.
  • Windows was just a baby!
  • Social media? What on earth is that?

Since my degree I have worked in various IT departments running backend systems for retailers and banks, never anything web related, and I did that until I had my first son in 2003.

When my second son started nursery, I felt ready to earn my own money again. So, as I wanted to try all their skincare and makeup stuff for free, I became an Avon Representative.

Along with my little Avon business I wanted to have a website, so I could talk a bit about the Avon products I sold. I had heard that WordPress was good for this purpose, so I created a little WordPress blog and set about learning what I could about it. With no experience of the web beyond surfing on it, I made a pretty rubbish site, and I made a huge number of mistakes, but along the way, I learned the basics of WordPress and the more I learned about WordPress, the more I wanted to know.

Eventually, I found myself spending more time tinkering with WordPress than selling Avon! So, although I enjoyed selling Avon (and getting to know my neighbours 😲) I decided to stop selling it, so I could concentrate on learning more and more about WordPress and, of course, the neighbours were relieved too!

I got so deeply into WordPress. I even wrote a WordPress plugin and had it published on WordPress.Org! Having the experience and the kudos of writing a plugin and having it published led me to start earning as a WordPress professional developer. I began looking after other people’s blogs, which I still do to this today.

If you have a blog or are thinking of starting one and you want to learn how to use WordPress properly, without having to make the silly mistakes I did in the beginning, then stay with me.

I know there are plenty of other sites out there that aim for the same thing, but I like to think that I can do this for you without clouding you with science, just kind tutorials that get straight to the teaching.

I’m not expecting you to become a WordPress professional like me unless you want to of course. But, if by learning from me, you become a confident WordPress user then I will feel I have achieved my goal for this blog.

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