Dedicated To Teaching You WordPress

This blog is dedicated to teaching you how to use WordPress for your blog.

Here you will find lots of practical tips and tutorials on how to do the things you struggle with daily. You can have a successful blog running on WordPress!

WPkind was founded by Meghan, a professional WordPress developer, blogger, wife and mother of two boys.

Hey! I’m Meghan

I live and breath WordPress every day, and I love it!

I believe that anyone, however technically-challenged, with a bit of time, a bit of patience and a bit of kind help from me :), should be able to create a great site with it.

Let me explain where I came from …

I worked as an IT consultant for many years before I had my first son in 2003. When he was born, I took some time off and quickly realised that I couldn’t go back to full-time work.

I wanted to earn a little money, so I started a small Avon business, and with that, I wanted a website to go along with it. I chose WordPress because I had heard good things about it.

While using WordPress to build my site, I quickly realised how great it is, and how much I wanted to work with it … much more than selling lipsticks!

I taught myself the minutiae of WordPress, to the level where I could write plugins and build themes. I even had a plugin published at

Eventually, I started to earn money as a WordPress developer, working from home. This lead to a job running a massive blog for a client who had over one million monthly views.

Moving on a few years, I became interested in starting a blog for myself, but had no idea what topic to choose. After visiting facebook groups and forums, it came to my notice how much of a hurdle the technicalities of WordPress are for many people.

I had the WordPress technical expertise these people needed, plus the experience of running a high traffic successful blog. My topic was right there, doh!

So I set about starting this blog with the goal of giving bloggers like you easy to follow tutorials and advice, to help them grow their blogs, without the stress of technical challenges.

If you have a blog or are thinking of starting one and you want to learn how to use WordPress properly, without having to make those silly mistakes that slow down progress, then this is the place for you.

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