How To Embed a Video In WordPress (with the block editor)

by Meghan . updated June 24, 2019 . 264 shares .

For those who are new to the Gutenberg block editor, you may not know how easy it is to embed a YouTube video in your posts.

I thoroughly recommending adding videos if you can because Google absolutely loves them! And so do people of course. I can’t tell you how much I have learned simply from watching Youtube videos, and I am sure you have too.

Here is my straightforward guide to adding YouTube videos with ease.

Step 1 – Copy the video URL from YouTube

  • Go to YouTube and find the video that you wish to embed in your post.
  • Copy the URL.

Step 2 – Add a new Youtube block

As is usual in WordPress there is more than one way of adding new blocks.

Method 1 – click the icon

  • Click on the plus icon that appears when you hover over an existing block or at the end of the content.
  • Type youtube in the search box and then click youtube when it appears below.

Method 2 – use the slash shortcut

  • Press return at the end of your content to start a new block
  • Type /youtube and press return

Step 3 – Paste the Youtube video URL

  • When you see the screen below, paste in the URL that you copied from Youtube.
Embed youtube video into WordPress block
Embed Youtube video into WordPress block
  • Click the Embed button
  • The video will then appear in your post
  • To change the video simply edit the URL by clicking the pencil icon in the toolbar, then paste in a different URL and click Embed again.

There a few things you can change in the block settings, but not much!

Step 4 – Optional tweaks

To edit the block settings:

  • Click on the new video block you have made
  • Click on the Block tag on the right-hand side
  • I recommend that you keep Resize for smaller devices checked as this will ensure that the video keeps its proportions when viewed on mobile.
  • You can also edit the CSS classes if you want to add some special styling.

Wrapping up

This has been a short and simple tutorial for adding YouTube videos to your posts using the new Gutenberg editor.

Enhancing your post with video is a great way to improve both your search ranking and to engage your audience.

If you need more control of video options, I recommend using the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle. It has a block enabled Video Player widget which gives you more options, such as adding a cover image.

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